When I began college, my friends and I started to hang out every weekend at the nearest mall’s paintball arena. Soon, I developed a love for guns, and I started going to our city’s shooting range and practice my shooting skills. Sometimes, my girlfriend would come with me. The casual shooting practice soon turned into an obsession. There were two months when I stopped going out with friends because they don’t like my new hobby while I don’t like to be anywhere other than the range.

The gun that I love handling best is the air gun. I’ve been practicing using it for over five years now. During the early years, I would subscribe to magazines and newsletters that feature air guns and taught myself as much information as my brain could take about air guns. During my practice, I would apply what I read. Sometimes, they work; sometimes, they don’t. This has been a cause of my frustration. Why are there misinformation in magazines and newsletters?

My girlfriend is the first one to suggest that I try blogging, so I can put my frustrations into words and help other people at the same time. I have grown fond of the idea. So now, I’m running Gamo Air Guns, which features blogs that will talk about all things related to air guns.