Are Airgun Silencers Banned in the US?

Airgun silencers have been the talk of the town for quite some time. For one, it’s legality has not yet been fully discussed, thus creating confusion among gun enthusiasts and those against the use of guns.

As Homewares Insider points out, the US Code, Title 18 declares that silencers must be controlled and given a serial number. This is in order to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. However, the law does not really state that airgun silencers are banned. You should know though that those who use a silencer in committing a crime will be faced with an additional penalty. The penalty is heavier if it is found that the silencer used is illegally purchased.

The law specifically says that any American citizen can request permission from the federal government in order to own a silencer. Why the federal government? Because the Constitution does not have the right to guarantee a silencer.  If you apply for permission and have it approved, then you’ll be able to buy a silencer, and you can use it anytime in your lifetime.

Now, why are we talking about this? Silencers are not banned, and airguns are not considered by the US law and the federal firearms law as a firearm. What’s the harm in getting an airgun silencer then?

The real harm is when you use an illegal silencer with your airgun. If caught committing a crime using such weapon, you can get prosecuted. That is, of course, if you lose. If you win the case, then it’s good for you. However, you still have spent money, time, and effort, and put a stain on your reputation.

The bottom line is– if you want to use airgun silencers, make sure that you undergo the proper procedure and have it licensed.

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