How to Maintain an Outdoor Airgun Range

I spent a lot of time in an outdoor airgun range during my college years that I was actually offered to work there for a year. Imagine how happy I was! I got to use the range when I liked, as long as there weren’t any customers and I clean after myself. Also, I learned a lot from the keeper of the airgun range. In fact, I learned a lot more than just how to shoot. I also learned how to maintain the place.

So how do you keep an outdoor airgun range in tiptop condition?

Mow the lawn

Whether you own a zero turn mower or a simple push mower, if the airgun range is built across yards of lawn, like the one where I worked, then you need to mow it regularly. Overgrown lawn might hinder the sight of the shooters. Also, if the lawn is not properly kept, you will also have trouble setting and adjusting the targets.

Replace cardboard targets

If you are using cardboard or target frames against permanent targets, then you will have to replace it every time. Just make sure that you do this job when there is no one using the range. You don’t want to be accidentally shot. Yes, that happens.

Clean the guns

I think this is what will take most of your time. Cleaning guns is no joke. You need to unload it and disassemble it before you can finally clean it using the right cleaning solutions. Never skip doing this though. Unclean guns can affect the performance of the shooter. Worse, they can cause accidents.

Remember these maintenance tips if you want to build your own shooting range. These do not only make the place look more pleasant, but they also help in avoiding accidents.

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