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Are Airgun Silencers Banned in the US?
June 7, 2017

Airgun silencers have been the talk of the town for quite some time. For one, it’s legality has not yet been fully discussed, thus creating confusion among gun enthusiasts and those against the use of guns.
As Homewares Insider points out, the US Code, Title 18 declares that silencers must be controlled and given a serial number. This is in order to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. However, the law does not really state that airgun silencers are banned. You should know though that those who use a silencer in committing a crime will be faced with an additional penalty. The …

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How to Maintain an Outdoor Airgun Range
April 11, 2017

I spent a lot of time in an outdoor airgun range during my college years that I was actually offered to work there for a year. Imagine how happy I was! I got to use the range when I liked, as long as there weren’t any customers and I clean after myself. Also, I learned a lot from the keeper of the airgun range. In fact, I learned a lot more than just how to shoot. I also learned how to maintain the place.
So how do you keep an outdoor airgun range in tiptop condition?
Mow the lawn
Whether you own a zero turn mower or a simple push mower, if the airgun range is built across yards of lawn, like the one where I worked…

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Inviting All Air Gun Enthusiasts for the Yearly BBQ Meet-up!
March 23, 2017

It’s hunting season again. Last year, I started a BBQ meet-up with my fellow air gun enthusiasts and hunters to discuss we were to do during the season. The event was so successful and everybody loved the propane smoker, and I received so many requests to do it again this year that I decided to do just that.
To those who are interested, you are welcome to come to my house and spend the time with your fellow hunters and me in the backyard for some intense planning. For this event, there will be $10 entrance fee. The money will be used in preparing the food. Don’t worry! There will be lots of meat. Using our smoker, we’ll serve …

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How to Find a Budget-friendly Gun Safe Under $1,000
February 19, 2017

Don’t leave your guns lying just around anywhere. Secure it by buying a gun safe. Although it’s true that gun safes are generally expensive, there are gun safes which you can buy for less than $1000 and still with the best quality.
To find the most budget-friendly gun safe, you must explore stores, including online shops, and make a list of your top choices. Mention what makes the safe good and their price. This will make it easier for you to pick the best one.
To help you out, here are top 3 well-priced gun safes that you’ll love:
Liberty Explorer
Liberty Explorer is known for their top-notch security f…

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